[AG-TECH] mac as multi-projection display system?

Todd Zimmerman toddz at sfu.ca
Wed Jun 6 11:34:09 CDT 2007

Fred Dech wrote:
> hi Jason.
> thanks for bringing that up.  i know it's an issue that should be considered.
> i've gotten the impression, and i have my fingers crossed that the UCL RAT
> may fix some of the Mac/RAT issues.
> --fred

We use Mac's for all our displays here at IRMACS.  For our theatre node
(http://www.accessgrid.org/node/527) we are running 2 video cards:

ATI Radeon 9200 PCI
ATI Radeon 9600XT AGP

Each dual display for a total of 4 outputs.  It works great.  However, I concur with Jason regarding
the audio on the G5's (not sure how it is on any other Macs).  And, I'm not sure the new RAT builds
will be fixing the audio completely.  I believe they will use the native OSX widgets (no X required)
and I think there have been a few bug fixes; however, I believe the sampling rate will still be 8kHz.



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