[AG-TECH] Not finding Firewire DV on UQ advanced vic

Andrew Ford acf0659 at rit.edu
Tue Jun 5 14:20:07 CDT 2007

On 6/4/07, leon zadorin <leonleon77 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > >
> > >
> > > with TTL 16 (I may need to increase it - but see how it goes :-)
> >
> > You might want to turn the ttl up, I didn't see any streams on there
> when I
> > checked Friday afternoon.
> OK will set TTL to 64

I can see it now, thanks.

> When I do that, there's no error output in the file, just the standard out
> > that I always see on the terminal.
> Wow - that means a lot... earlier I just wasn't sure if the error
> output was recorded... but if you had captured the standard and error
> outputs to leonlog1 (terminal will show you both std::cout and
> std::cerr by default) - then things are very interesting...
> I will commit a new revision - it should give a little bit more
> information on the matter... so if you could generate leonlog1 again
> (with newer revision) - that would be cool:
> cd to ag-media
> svn update
> svn diff should show nothing (otherwise try "svn revert" to force the
> working copy to use the exact code as per svn repository)
> svnversion should indicate the max of 95
> ./configure
> make clean
> make
> cd vic
> then, if you are running bash:
> ./vic YOUR-IP/PORT > leonlog3 2>&1
> or if you are running csh:
> ./vic YOUR-IP/PORT >& leonlog3
> or sumething like
> script
> ./vic YOUR-IP/PORT
> then CTRL-D after a few seconds

Okay, I upgraded & recompiled and made some quick logs (both the bash and
typescript method, I don't think they're very much different but I included
both anyway); they're attached. I didn't notice much different from the
usual output (except for 'testing standard output' and 'testing error
output', were those there before?) but maybe I'm not looking for the right
things :)

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