[AG-TECH] "500 Terabytes and Growing" - A Live "Open Invitation" Access Grid Event from the University of Notre Dame

Jeffrey Miller jmille22 at nd.edu
Tue Jul 24 11:59:14 CDT 2007

The University of Notre Dame will be hosting Dr. John Bent, of the Los
Alamos National Lab, giving a lecture in one of our classrooms entitled

"500 Terabytes and Growing"  this will be a live open invitation event.   It
will be held on July 26th at 11AM EDT in Axon room on the NCSA server. 


U can send Questions during the Q& A event at the end  to     dthain at nd.edu




Here is a description of the lecture


The storage group at Los Alamos National Lab is responsible for designing,
deploying, and debugging the storage systems attached to our supercomputers.
In this talk, we present some of the storage challenges that become apparent
at large scales when thousands of processes simultaneously access a single
terabyte-sized file.  The talk will be introduced with a general discussion
of supercomputing workloads and systems at the national labs and will
include a more detailed description of the recent work done in bringing up
the half-petabyte storage system attached to our new supercomputer,
Roadrunner.  We'll conclude with a discussion of current research topics in
this area as well as our recent research into multi-dimensional file



Please contact me if you have any questions. 


Thank you 


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