[AG-TECH] a few AG3.1 beta problems

Antonio Bandeira bandeira at fe.up.pt
Thu Jul 12 10:17:15 CDT 2007


I've found a few “problems” with the new AG3.1 beta. Don’t know if it is
just me, but... 
I am currently running FC7, but I think some of this problems can also be
found in WinXP.

- Bridge sorting is not persistent. After restart agtk the order is no
longer the one set under “preferences”.
- Working in unicast mode, adding a new service under “node management” will
cause all previously added services to restart using a multicast address.
- Autoplace from VIC will not show up for the second time I try to set it.
The first time I hit 'autoplace' in vic, it works fine. I can set it ok and
when done I hit 'quit'. When I try to set it again, hitting 'autoplace'
button in vic, it does nothing.

I also had problems connecting to a 3.0.2 Venue Server with encryption set
up. Vic was not able to connect. I am not very sure about this, but at that
time, the only way to solve it was removing encryption from the venue

Best regards,

António Bandeira
+351 225 574 199 (ext.3535)
bandeira at fe.up.pt

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