[AG-TECH] AG 3.1beta Video Service on Windows XP Pro SP2

Greg Donhardt greg.donhardt at flinders.edu.au
Tue Aug 7 18:11:00 CDT 2007

Hi All,

Have just installed AG3.1beta on a Windows XP Pro SP2 machine (Dual Xeon 
3.2Ghz machine, 2 Mb Ram with HyperThreading on). I had to reinstall all 
the services in my node configuration. I have 4 Canon cameras and as 
such have added 4 video services, 1 for each camera. When I go to a 
venue, I get 4 vic service windows appear (one for each camera), however 
in my Vic consumer window I can only see 3 of my 4 streams. Ironically 
it us the camera designated as source 4 that is not appearing. It is not 
appearing in the 4 service windows either. I have confirmed that the 
camera is working locally at the computer so I believe it to be an AG 
related issue.

So far to date I have tried installing the video services in a different 
order to no avail. I have also tried installing the video producer 
service for each camera and this makes no difference either. Have 
removed all services and and added all services again, still with no 
difference. Prior to installing 3.1beta we had all 4 cameras working on 
a AG3.0.2 install.

I have experience in operating the AG, however, have only recent begun 
administrating the Grid as our previous administrator has changed 
employment. So I am happy to hear any suggestions you may have, even the 
basics. I really need to get this rectified by Thursday afternoon.

Please Help.


*Greg Donhardt*
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