[AG-TECH] AG on >10 displays

Nguyen, Doc Lap dnguy6 at lsuhsc.edu
Thu Aug 2 12:45:13 CDT 2007


   I got it to work using 2 analog TripleHead2Go's on one NVS 440 card
in a Dell PE2950 Server with dual Intel Xeon Quad cores.  The graphics
card just thinks there's 2 very wide screens in Windows or Mac.  I
haven't seen any performance issues with it.  I didn't use all 4 of them
yet since I didn't have 12 monitors.  I haven't tried it with 2 NVS 440
cards yet because it only has one PCIe slot, but maybe one day...I'm
curious how well it'll work..


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A couple of comments, questions on this thread...

Doc, have you tried multiple TripleHead2Go's on a machine with dual
output on a single card or with on a machine machine with 2 graphics
cards? When I was looking at this the Matrox docs that I read stated
that one of these combinations does not work. I think it was the dual
output on single card hooked up to two TripleHead2Go's.

Also, related to Chris's previous post. For those that have done this
(Chris?) how do you find the performance of these cards pushing this
many pixels, especially when pushing live video to the displays? This
would be interesting to know if anyone is experimenting with this, as
one could imagine many possible bottlenecks...



Nguyen, Doc Lap wrote:
> Actually, if you use 2 of the Nvidia NVS 440 PCIe x1 quad cards with 8

> TripleHead2Go's, you'd get 8 * 3 = 24 displays on one computer.  And 
> it works on both Windows and Macs, not sure about Linux...  I've 
> connected
> 2 of the TripleHead2Go's on a PC and it worked fine, so I expect it 
> should work with 8 of them as well...
>   Doc
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> Hi,
>  > I was wondering if anyone was displaying AG on more than 4
>  > Maybe on something like a Powerwall set up......what video display 
> cards  > seem to work?  Are you running on several machines?  VGA or
>  > I suppose I could run several video display machines to avoid a  > 
> performance hit with service managers on each machine....but I thought

> I'd  > check and see if others are successfully doing this already...
> How about a PC that has 2 PCI-e x 16 slots filled with high-end PCI-e 
> x 16 video cards, each with 2 x dual-link DVI. Then use 4 
> TripleHead2Go devices to give a total of 12 displays, see following
for info on TripleHead2Go:
>   http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/gxm/products/th2go/
> I haven't tried it myself, but it would be interesting to see 
> something like that running.
> Doug

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