[AG-TECH] RE: Global Node Listing can now be found at www.accessgrid.org/nodes

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Thu Apr 19 18:10:09 CDT 2007

Dear Colleagues (Apologies if you have already received this email)

To further my email in regards to obtaining ownership of an Access Grid
node, I have received a number of enquires asking whether multiple
people can be owners, thereby allowing a number of people the ability to
change and edit an AG node details.

Unfortunately, only one registered user at www.accessgrid.org can be an
owner of an AG node.  Therefore, it is recommended to create an genetic
account on the www.accessgrid.org website.  By using a generic account,
such as your local institution, you have the ability to distribute the
account information to a selected few, thereby allowing a number of
people the ability to edit one or more node listings.  This is
preferable, particularly on occasions where students and/or staff
members may change on a regular basis.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jason Bell 
Subject: Global Node Listing can now be found at

Dear colleagues (Apologies if you are already aware of this)

I am writing this email to announce that the global AG node listing is
now being housed at the www.accessgrid.org website.  

I have managed to transfer as much of the node listing details from the
AGCentral website, in which you can view the various AG nodes listed at:

I would like to ask people to begin using this website, rather than the
AG Central node listing, as that site will be removed shortly.

Currently, the nodes listed have myself as the owner.  To make it
possible for you to edit and update "your" AG node, could you please
send me personally via email, your username (for the www.accessgrid.org
website) and the node you would like ownership to, so that I can
transfer the node-listing to you. Please note that this may take a
couple of days to process the transferring of node listing to you.

With the transferring of AG node information, there may be cases where
some of the information is: incorrect; out of date or simply missing;
can I ask that everyone, once the ownership of the node listing has been
transferred to you, go through the data and update it where possible.

In addition, you can now create new Access Grid node listing by:

*	Logging on (as your user) by selecting the "User Account" tab
found at the top of the http://www.accessgrid.org webpage.  For those
who are new to this website, you may have to register first;

*	Then simply click on the "create content" link found on the left
had side of the page;

*	Then select "node listing";

Note: It would be greatly appreciated and valued if you can fill out as
much of the content as possible.  

In regards to gaining GPS (Latitude and Longitude) information, you can
use Google Maps to gain such information.  A guide on how to do it can
be found at: http://agcentral.org/help/how-to/google-gps

As always, this node-listing website is under development and if you
feel any improvements can be made, please don't hesitate and post an
email to myself personally.

Thanks very much for your time,

Please feel free to pass on this email to your colleagues, especially
those owners of an Access Grid Node Listing.


Jason Bell, B.I.T.
B. Info. Tech. (Honours) Student

Network Engineer
Information Technology Division
Central Queensland University

High Performance Computing Support Officer
Central Queensland University

E-mail : j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Phone : 07 4930 9229


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