Large LCDs, 1920x1080 over VGA? (was Re: [AG-TECH] TFT Display)

Douglas Kosovic douglask at
Wed Apr 18 21:08:10 CDT 2007

Hi Ed,

> In particular, we're looking at a Sony Bravia 46" KDL-46V2500, which
> runs for about $3200, wth plenum VGA cables to run through the ceiling
> to near the wall-mounts.  However, I just noticed this:
>> Douglas Kosovic wrote:
>> My workplace has a Sony Bravia 46" LCD with native 1920x1080 resolution, 
>> it
>> isn't capable of being driven at that resolution with an analog VGA 
>> cable,
> Is that a universal restriction (meaning we'd have to find a way to
> get DVI or HDMI across the ceiling), or it is only an issue with some
> models?  If the latter, how would I now what models work at 1920x1080
> over VGA?

In the Sony Bravia KDL-46V2500 operations manual, downloadable from:

There is a PC input signal reference chart, the highest resolution listed is 

In my case I  was using a Sony Bravia KDL-46X2000 (native 1920 x 1080), it's 
max listed VGA resolution in the manual was 1360x760 and that was the best I 
could get out of it over VGA.

>> but has no problems with HDMI (1080i or 1080p, 50 or 60Hz). I'm not sure
>> about other brands. We use a DVI to HDMI cable. Generally, digital 
>> cables can't be run as long as the analog VGA cables.
> We wouldn't need more than a 50' cable, but I'm not aware of
> Plenum-rated DVI or HDMI.  Do such things exist?  If not, are there
> any options beside DVI-over-cat5?

The store where I bought a 5m (~16ft) HDMI to DVI cable was also selling 15m 
(~50 ft) cable lengths. Sorry, I have no first hand experiance with HDMI/DVI 
cables of that length.


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