[AG-TECH] High End Portable Access Grid System

Joseph Stone stone004 at umn.edu
Tue Apr 17 13:36:23 CDT 2007

Speaking of all ears, how is the audio quality with the Mac setup?    
Is it still limited to 8 K samples / sec? The Accumics do a great job  
of delivering but it gets lost to the lower sampling rate.  We've  
found that to be a drawback for recommending Mac's as a platform for  


On Apr 17, 2007, at 11:52 AM, Fred Dech wrote:

> My biggest disappointment is that the Mac Pro will not tolerate  
> multiple
> IEEE 1394a DV inputs of the type we had planned (DAC200 DV from  
> Sony EVI D100
> svideo source).  It will handle 2 iSights.  It will handle one DV  
> and one
> iSight.  But that's it.  Video capture cards for a Mac Pro?  I'm all
> ears.
> --fred

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