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Joseph Stone stone004 at umn.edu
Thu Apr 12 17:33:28 CDT 2007

My apologies, it was me being silly (and forgetting a silly smiley ;-> ) -
High Definition is official; appearances are half-duplex.

If there isn't a need to input electrical signals and a built in monaural
microphone is satisfactory, the Phoenix Audio Duets act as complete
soundcard replacement with good sound  quality.  This has resolved problems
for us time and again.  Using the Duet we don't experience crashes with any
greater frequency than we do with legacy supported sound cards.


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HD does stand for High Definition (despite appearances?!) - It's
referring to Intel new audio architecture:

I haven't managed to test RAT on an HD audio card as I haven't
currently got access to one - I'll see if I can find one....

I'm assuming this problem is being seen on Windows - anyone tried HD
audio on Linux?



On 11/04/07, Joseph Stone <stone004 at umn.edu> wrote:
> In what appears to be a clever marketing trick, system and soundcard
> manufacturers have used the moniker "HD" and attached the words High
> Definition to the letters.
> It really stands for Half Duplex.  Since rat expects a chip set that can
> simultaneously send out signals while receiving them, these new devices do
> not get recognized. The HD devices appear to do some sort of fast
> so that the user hears and speaks apparently at the same time.

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