[AG-TECH] RC Seminar Today at 4pm Eastern: Carl Davis on Multi-server systems

Ed Brannin edbrannin at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 13:16:19 CDT 2007


Sorry for the late notice, but we will be broadcasting an event in the
Rochester Institute of Technology Venue this afternoon at 4PM Eastern
(8PM UTC).

Please feel free to join us then, or at 3:30 for an A/V check.


Title: Multi-server Systems: Blade Servers vs Multiple Individual
Servers (Nodes)

Presenter: Carl Davis
Chief Architect
Stellar System Technologies, Inc., Rochester, NY

Carl Davis' experience in designing High Availability datacenters and
creating distributed Operations Support Systems (OSS) has lead to the
implementation of several systems involving both individual servers
and blade servers utilizing Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network
Attached Storage (NAS) systems for Next Generation Service Providers.


-Ed Brannin
edbrannin at gmail.com

PS: We'll be using AGSchedule for these things soon; I'm about "12-24
hours" away from having a suitable email account for my login there.

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