[AG-TECH] Capture cards problems, URGENT

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Apr 4 15:04:40 CDT 2007

I've never seen anything other than 'external-in' on the Ports
menu on the Windows vic.  Are you able to configure for your
preferred capture port using AMCAP or otherwise, and have
that one be used by vic the next time it starts?  I have done this
in test scenarios, but haven't tried to rely on this in a production
setting.   More config options are clearly needed in this case.

One point re: the WDM drivers:  While the support is there now,
it is far newer than the VFW support.  One big difference you'll
notice is that WDM capture is forced to 320x240, the result
being that your video streams will be padded with a gray border
for everyone who views them.  With the VFW drivers, it was
possible to do the 'Configure on Transmit' dance to force 352x288
and avoid this problem.  If VFW drivers are available for your
card (the WinTV or otherwise), you might consider using them
until this is fixed, if the gray borders are unacceptable to you
(they are to me).


On 4/4/07 12:46 PM, Jeremy Mann wrote:
> In VIC, when you click on Ports to select Composite, Svideo or Tuner,
> the only option I have is external-in. The same if I try and configure
> a NodeService. If I use a windows app like AMCAP, I can only select
> one card at a time, but I can at least select which port to use.
> On 4/4/07, John Hodrien <johnh at comp.leeds.ac.uk> wrote:
>> On Wed, 4 Apr 2007, Jeremy Mann wrote:
>> > John, I'm in the same predicament here with XP and 2 WinTV capture
>> > cards. I've installed the open source drivers, however I can't specify
>> > which Composite port to use and it doesn't come up with my 2nd capture
>> > card. What is the registry renaming?
>> Hmm.  I don't have a machine to hand to poke, but I understood that 
>> the cards
>> had a string that identified them in the registry.  Certainly under 
>> insors I
>> get three with identical names that makes things a little confusing, 
>> but I'm
>> definitely able to select the port (s-video in my case).
>> jh
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