[AG-TECH] Multicast / bridge question

Venhuizen, Mark Mark.Venhuizen at SDSTATE.EDU
Mon Apr 2 11:59:09 CDT 2007

We have recently added an AG site to our campus.  We've met with other South Dakota institutions a few times with mixed results.   I have yet been able to run a conference using the multicast mode.   In order to see the far sites, I have to use AG's unicast mode and then search around on bridges until I can see the desired far sites.   The far sites can see and hear me... I just can't see or hear them until I find them on a bridge.  I'm hoping that if we start connecting with multicast, we can clear up some our audio problems as well.
Would anyone be willing to offer any suggestions?
Thanks much!
Mark A. Venhuizen 
Educational Technologies, Pugsley Center 
South Dakota State University 
Brookings, SD  57007 
605-688-6111 (office) 
605-688-6317 (fax) 

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