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We have used the Phoenix SOHO, as well as other Phoenix products and find
them to be very capable and reliable.  We currently use the SOHO card in our
Modular Room systems with one or two Wireless Microphones and find this to
be a very good solution.  We do not feel that the SOHO is a good fit for
large rooms or wired microphone applications due the need for Phantom Power
required by wired microphones and the lack of advanced microphone tuning.
The large space and multiple sources that come with a multiple microphone
configuration requires additional processing on a per microphone basis that
would not be offered in a SOHO type configuration.  In these situations we
prefer the ClearOne products which have been designed to operate in this
type of environment and offer per microphone DSP control.  The sweet spot
for the SOHO card is one to two microphones. 

The Phoenix SOHO and DUET line are very good echo canceling products and fit
nicely in a small conference room or single user hands free system.  In this
type of application they offer clear, noise suppressed and echo canceled
audio with minimal configuration. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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Subject: RE: [AG-TECH] Desktop Echo Cancellation speakers

Interesting, Paul. Have you (or anyone else on ag-tech) any experience of
putting this into an existing lecture room that already has standard mic and
speakers used for lectures, as well as a PC?

Context is our planned rollout of several insors personal nodes in locations
that may include existing lecture/seminar rooms. Buying a separate
echo-cancelling microphone is an option but it sort-of feels messy if an
audio system is already in there, and securing it may also be a problem. Any
advice welcome.

How about fixing an AG meeting sometime to discuss this between anyone who
is interested? It seems to have sparked a lot of interest on ag-tech and we
might as well use the technology to share ideas and experience, after all.

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> For example the Echo Cancelling card from Phoenix (see
> http://www.accessgrid.org/taxonomy/term/24) is 1/40th of the cost of a 
> Clear One unit, and yet there are places where I have run one as a 
> substitute.
> BTW Doug,
> This card is more than adequate for a desktop node and allows you to 
> use 'standard' (aka cheap) speakers & microphones in a PIG setup.
> Regards,
> Paul

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