[AG-TECH] Desktop Echo Cancellation speakers

Many Ayromlou mayromlo at ryerson.ca
Wed Oct 25 15:47:31 CDT 2006

Hi Doug,

We use a "cheap" one here that works great from Phoenix Audio (http:// 
www.phnxaudio.com). The specific one that might be handy in your  
situation (ie: multiple mics) is the Duet Executive (http:// 
www.phnxaudio.com/Duetexe.htm). They are all USB and work nicely  
under windows and mac (no driver install - just plug it in). The nice  
thing about executive is that in addition to having the audio out  
channel (so you can hook up external speakers to it), it also  
supports ganging a bunch of these units together to cover a larger room.

Hope this helps....

On 25-Oct-06, at 3:54 PM, Doug Baggett wrote:

> Does anybody have a recommendation for good desktop echo cancellation
> speakers? I'm building some AG 3 desktop systems for a couple of  
> people here
> at NSF and I'd like to dump the headset if possible.
> Clearone used to make a device but they don't anymore.
> It's got to be independent of the device being used (no software).
> Thanks
> -Doug Baggett

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