[AG-TECH] More on echo cancellation

Tom Oinn tmo at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Oct 26 08:44:05 CDT 2006

Doug Baggett wrote:
> Thanks to everybody to responded.
> My mind must be going....
> For some stupid reason I was looking for speakers, when what I really need
> was just a mic. :)
> The USB speakers are cool, but don't work on LINUX (where the Mic I'm
> assuming like the old clearone mic) fits inline with currently owned
> speakers. 

The Phoenix ones work fine on Linux, all modern distributions have 
support for USB audio. You won't be able to just get an echo cancelling 
microphone as the entire point is that the mic has to 'know' what the 
speakers are doing (yeah, I know, technical explanation there...). 
Basically at some point the input and output have to be coupled so the 
foldback signal can be removed from the microphone. The low end Phoenix 
audio device is a microphone with a speaker jack, use with headphones, 
desktop speakers or a home cinema system (AG on your TV is perfectly 
doable and actually pretty good)


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