[AG-TECH] Other AG events at SC2006

Cindy Sievers sievers at lanl.gov
Thu Oct 26 16:24:42 CDT 2006

Aw, gee, this looks like an opportunity to plug SC Global Showcase.....:):)

If you are a registered satellite site, you can participate in any of the 
SC Global Showcase events. To view a complete listing go to: 
or http://sc06.supercomputing.org/conference/scglobal.php

Some highlights of the SC Global Showcase include the Parade of Nations, 
and the following sessions:
         - Advanced Medical Collaborative Technologies
         - Technological Frontiers in Global Collaboration
         - Building Communities on the Grid
         - Collaborative Performing Arts
         - Future Prototypes in Collaboration

There are also two mornings of Hands-on Training Sessions
         - Tutorial - Archival and Retrieval of Collaborative Productions 
(AGVCR and Memetic)
         - Tutorial - Distributed Desktop Applications (TigerBoard, and 
Shared Meeting List Tool)

To register as a satellite site, go to: http://scglobal2006.rcc.ryerson.ca/reg/
Satellite site registration closes Oct 31 - register now!!!!

If you have any questions, please contact the SC Global Steering Committee 
- scglobal-sc06 at SC06.ORG

At 11:19 AM 10/26/2006, Doug Baggett wrote:
>Apologies if this is not appropriate for this list :)
>What other events (other than SC Desktop) might be available over AG at
>SC2006? Just thinking of things I can display.

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