[AG-TECH] AGTK on Ubuntu

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Oct 4 13:37:10 CDT 2006

The AG packaging has become much easier to deal with as of AG3.  Mostly, 
packaging for debian requires the packaging of a number of smaller 
dependencies, plus the AG toolkit.  If there are multiple people with 
debian packaging expertise, the task could go very quickly.  If you're 
interested, let me know and we can begin working together on it. 

Derek:  Information about required packages is under 'Current CVS 
Snapshot' on this page:


Let me know if you're able to get started and/or have any questions. 


On 10/4/06 12:45 PM, Derek Piper wrote:
>     A while ago I emailed Steve Smith about that same thing and he 
> said he had no time to look at it. I can't seem to find the exact 
> emails but I believe I offered to help take a look at it but then 
> nothing transpired.
>     I'd be happy to offer assistance in it, having learned about 
> Debian packaging for AGVCR, although that is a lot smaller of a 
> program than all the AG toolkit stuff.
>     I wonder, Steve, if you're reading this if you'd pass on details 
> of your build environment so we can try getting Debian a packaged 
> platform for AG again?
>     Derek
> Thomas D. Uram wrote:
>> As far as I know, there is currently no effort to package AG for 
>> Ubuntu.  I'm very interested in seeing such packages, though, so if 
>> anyone has Debian packaging expertise and can spare some cycles, we 
>> could work together on the Debian packaging.
>> Tom
>> On 10/2/06 8:13 PM, Chris Kendrick wrote:
>>> Hi All
>>> Just wondering if anyone, anywhere has packaged up the AGTK for Ubuntu
>>> or other Debian based distro?  Or intends to do so?
>>> Or how you would go about installing the AGTK on Ubuntu if it has not
>>> been packaged?
>>> Chris Kendrick
>>> VPAC

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