[AG-TECH] Is there a Venue Client time out?

Jimmy Miklavcic jimmy.miklavcic at utah.edu
Wed Oct 4 10:46:08 CDT 2006

Yes, it happens every day. I uploaded a file, just now, into the data
area. The upload monitor displayed its progress and then said it
uploaded successfully but I did not see the list of files update. I
tried again and the same thing happened. This time I hit "go" to reenter
the Argonne Lobby and the file was listed. So, the file was uploaded but
I had to reenter the venue to get the list updated. However, this does
not reset the Jabber connection. Closing the client and restarting it
reconnects the jabber session.

The network was not lost overnight.

I agree that a timeout should be a user selectable setting.


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There is no timeout mechanism built in.  You should be able to leave
your venueclient (ag2 or ag3) parked in a venue indefinitely.  If that
is not possible, it's a bug that we need to fix. 

Does this happen reliably?  When it happens, can you try to upload a
data file and see if it is displayed in the venueclient when the upload
has finished? (this will test the event client connection). 

Is it possible that network to the machine was temporarily lost


On 10/3/06 11:56 AM, Jimmy Miklavcic wrote:
> Does the AGtk3.0.x Venue Client have a time-out? I have parked my PIG 
> in the Argonne Lobby over night and in the morning when I type into 
> the jabber client, it tells by that I have to be connected to a venue;

> video and audio appears to still be working. I'm curious because I'd 
> like initiate an "always on" scenario with the grid but if the system 
> times out at some point that can be problematic. Any insights?
> Jimmy

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