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Andrew A Rowley Andrew.Rowley at manchester.ac.uk
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In RAT, you can go to "Options..." then select "Reception" from the top menu.  From here you can limit the playout delay to 1 second (if I am reading it correctly).

Playout delay in RAT is adaptive - my understanding of this is that if there are lots of packets arriving late, it will increase the delay until there is enough that most packets arrive within the time of the playout delay.  I think that VIC does this too, but no so aggressively, hence the difference between audio and video delays.  I am guessing that you see lots of breaking up of the video which would show that it is having to throw away lots of late packets.

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> I've been working on a PIG in Brooklyn, New York, through DSL, connected
> through Argonne to an AG at West Virginia University, Morgantown. We're
> using 2.4. My question - the sound delays approximately 7.5 seconds (the
> video is about .5 which is understandable). What could cause such a large
> delay? I don't think it's congestion; we tried the Lobby as well as the
> Test Room; the results were the same. One reason I'm curious - I work at
> times in sound and it would help to understand the mechanism here.
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