[AG-TECH] More than 4 video sources

Fred Dech fdech at uchicago.edu
Wed Nov 22 10:43:33 CST 2006


I'm wondering if anyone is running a node with 6 or more cameras, and how
that is working out.

We are specifying a space that lends itself to having
more than 4 cameras in order to have the opportunity to get a decent shot
of anyone in the space when it is fairly full.  The ceiling is low, the room
is long and narrow.

My current plan is to have a windows display machine with two linux capture
machines, each with a quad video capture card, probably, the first machine
video only and the second audio, plus the remaining video sources.

I think with current processors that this should work ok.  The node will be
connected to a 100Mb subnet.

I welcome any comments or suggestions.



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