[AG-TECH] anyone have issues with SBlive and FC6

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Wed Nov 15 15:57:16 CST 2006

Hi Jim,

> I can't seem to get the line-in turned on with this new FC6 install. 
> It's a standard EMU10K1 using the default ALSA driver in FC6 1.0.12rc1
> I have tried several settings and gain controls in the ALSA mixer to no 
> avail.

I couldn't get line-in to work with rat till I updated to the recently
released kernel 2.6.18-1.2849.fc6 update on one of my PCs. Although it
wasn't a SBlive but onboard Intel sound.

Also try switching from ALSA to OSS Audio device in the Audio section of
the rat preferences. In the previous versions of Fedora I didn't include
the ALSA support for the AG rat in the AG3 RPM repository.


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