[AG-TECH] Avoiding problems - Multicast groups and also unicast bridges

Joseph Stone stone004 at umn.edu
Wed Nov 15 13:54:31 CST 2006

As a last step in getting a FC5 AGTK 3.0 Venue Server up, I have two  
questions that deal with avoiding problems

1) How do people pick multicast addresses and ports such that they  
don't use what someone else is using already?  It looks like the tool  
will dynamically pick addresses / ports or give an option to pick  
static ones, something I think we prefer to do.  Is this a good thing  
to do?

2) I want my unicast bridge to be used only by people who VPN into my  
server (I think).  If it is behind a firewall, I know that I'll  
contribute to the long delays AGTK 3.0 Client users will experience.   
Can I tell the bridge to not let anyone know that it exists (except  
those joining my venue, of course)?

Sorry if this has been answered in FAQs or mailing list, I've tried  
to find this information for sometime.  If it is there, point me  
towards it.  I'll develop better search techniques based on the pointer.


Joseph Stone
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