[AG-TECH] Registryclient

Eric Olson eolson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Nov 14 10:31:51 CST 2006

Hi Jean,
The AG3 client looks for backup bridge computers in case multicast is 
not available to transport the audio and video.  It gets a list of 
bridges from the registry.  You can choose to use one of these bridges 
instead of multicast if you like by selecting one from the 
Tools->Bridges menu.  In that list you'll see the bridges that are 
currently being provided by various places.

The reason they are pinged is so they can be ranked for you.  If you 
check, you should notice the list in the Tools->Bridges menu is sorted 
by roundtrip times from nearest to farthest.


Jean Utke wrote:
> Hi,
> While trying to set up my AG3 client I noticed a debug message:
> 11/14/2006 09:30:27 AM 1076399968 RegistryClient     
> RegistryClient.py:73 INFO  Using deprecated ping for older bridge 
> interface to vv3.accessgrid.or.kr:22000
> and was wondering if there is a problem with my installation and why it 
> would go to a host in Korea if I am sitting at Argonne  (that is, if the 
> message text is reflecting what actually happens)
> Just curious.
> Thanks,
> Jean

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