[AG-TECH] Strange multicast issue

Tanner, Kenneth KTanne1 at lsuhsc.edu
Thu Nov 9 16:26:19 CST 2006

> OK I have something strange going on.  I have one node multicasting
> video and another running unicast.  If I connect to the Argonne Lobby
> venue with my multicast node and bridge my unicast node through NCSA I
> can see my multicast streams on my unicast node.  If I go to another
> venue or enter rooms on the Argonne venue I don't receive my multicast
> streams on my unicast node .  I also haven't found anyone outside of
> the state that can see my multicast video even in Argonne's Lobby.  
Any ideas what might be going on?  Also how could I receive my multicast
streams on my unicast node unless my multcast streams are getting to the
Argonne Lobby venue and once there why can't others see it?  We are
troubleshooting multicast problems here and I was using our unicast node
to tell me when we were able to send multicast streams out.  I'm puzzled
by this.  BTW I am able to receive multicast streams from the
venues/rooms.  Our problem seems to be sending multicast streams out.

I have attached a snapshot of my multicast and unicast nodes.  The image
on the left is the multicast node and the one on the right is the
unicast node.  The images at the bottom show that I am sending/receiving
video from my nodes.

> Kenneth
> Unicast bridges
> NCSA : Port 50970 TTL:  16   (Can receive my multicast
> video stream on my unicast node only while in the lobby)
> Argonne:  Port 53516  TTL:  16
> WestGrid:  Port 50074  TTL:  16
> AGSC:  Port 10580  TTL:  16
> Multicast bridges:
> Argonne:  Port 20002  TTL 127
> NCSA:  Port 51486  TTL 127

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> Kenneth Tanner
> LSU Health Sciences Center - Shreveport
> Dept. of Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
> 1501 Kings Highway
> Shreveport La.  71130
> Phone #:  318-675-4645
> Email:  mailto:ktanne1 at lsuhsc.edu
> "Think of the poorest person you have ever seen and ask if your next
> act
> will be of any use to him"
> Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
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