[AG-TECH] Mac 3.0.2 Venue Client GUI disappeared--how do it get it back without restarting?

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Nov 9 08:06:40 CST 2006

I've noticed some strange Windowing behavior on OSX, too, and not only 
with the AG Venue Client.  Sometimes when you click on an app window it 
just doesn't become the active app represented in the menubar.  Clicking 
on some other app and then on the dock icon for the app you want often 
helps.  Also, if the Venue Client window itself is minimized, it may 
never be raised by switching to it.


On 11/9/06 7:59 AM, gurcharan khanna wrote:
> hi,
> seems a dumb question but i must have closed the window to the venue
> client, now i cant figure out how to bring it back. everything else
> is running ok (well, rat is gone, too, but i could get that back if
> i had the venue client!).
> ???
> -gurcharan

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