[AG-TECH] Slow venue responce?

Brian Tieman tieman at aps.anl.gov
Fri May 26 11:05:17 CDT 2006


It does not recover--at least not before we lose our patience and kill it.

I have a couple of suspicions about what might be causeing it, but there 
are just that--suspicions. 

One suspicion is that it occurs more frequently if the proxy certificate 
expires--something that happens frequently to me as I tend to just stay 
logged in even if I'm not at my desk. 

Another suspicion is that it's somehow tied to the bridgeserver--even if 
no one is unicasting.

A third suspicion is if something happens to the active log file for the 
venue server (such as I rename or delete it--let's not ask why I would 
do such a thing!) it has problems.

I'm currently trying to put a few of these suspicions to the test to see 
what, if anything, usefull gets put into the log files.


Thomas D. Uram wrote:

> Does it ever recover from this state?  Is it possibly related to some 
> particular
> action you're taking?
> I'd recommend checking the VenueServer.log file in ~/.AccessGrid for an
> indication of the problem.  If you have questions while looking there, 
> I'd be
> happy to take a look at the log file too.
> Also, is there any other activity on the machine?  We run two venue 
> servers
> here at Argonne and haven't seen any periodic performance problems.
> Brian Tieman wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> From time to time our venue seams to bog down and we don't understand 
>> why.  We're running AGtk2.3 at the moment (yes, we should upgrade) 
>> which we want to leave running 24/7.  It seems that after a certain 
>> period of time--or maybe a certain number of room changes?--it starts 
>> to take ...f...o...r...e...v...e...r... to change rooms.  By forever, 
>> I mean as long as 15 minutes!  It appears to be venue related in that 
>> all clients experience this and closing the client and restarting 
>> does not help.
>> Anyone have any idea what might be going on?  Somewhere I can look to 
>> see if something is misconfigured?  Or hanging?  Or something?
>> Thanks for any advice!
>> Brian

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