[AG-TECH] Hardware concern ...

Tom Oinn tmo at ebi.ac.uk
Mon May 22 18:30:40 CDT 2006

Claus Endres wrote:

> Due to the very high CPU demands, H.264 cannot be used at full
> resolution at frame rates greater than about 5 fps. This is a
> single CPU limitation, having multiple CPUs will not help with
> the current X264 encoder. H.264 works very well at 2 fps or so
> for a document camera where motion is not an issue but high
> resolution is required. Using H.264 at 20 fps and PAL resolution
> is a while away. 


Hardware accelerated realtime h.264 encoder with support for 4 30fps 
streams, sounds promising for this kind of setup. This is a google 
search rather than a personal recommendation though, anyone played with 
something like this?


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