[AG-TECH] Use of Plasma/LCD/etc... displays

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Mon May 22 09:43:42 CDT 2006

	I've set up nodes like this, one fixed and one portable. Panel displays 
have the advantage of no projectors to align or bulbs that fail, plus 
can be set up in significantly less space (accounting for 'throw' etc. 
For nodes like I've used a single ClearOne microphone and it handles the 
audio fine. The small 'RoadWarrior' kit ones from GlobalMedia have a 
decent enough echo cancelling microphone that works for small areas and 
is useful in case whoever is attending wants to bring a buddy along 
(difficult with a headset).
	A decently sized LCD or Plasma TV would probably be your best bet. You 
could even use a dual display machine to have an 'operator console' and 
just have VIC windows on the large display to help manage clutter.


Julia Mullen wrote:
> Hi Mike -
> I have done this and it works quite well as a 'super pig'.  It is not
> nearly as good as a full room AG with lots of screen real estate, but
> it is better than a laptop monitor.   If the attendee/user is only
> using a pig to connect, you will need to consider the audio - the
> headset/mic will need to be on the user, while the screen is likely
> further away - just a cabling issue - but something to remember in the
> configuration.
> Julie
> On 5/22/06, Mike Weaver <weaver at er.doe.gov> wrote:
>> Greetings all!
>> I'm curious to get the communities' experiences, impressions and
>> possibly recommendations for using some sort of large-format,
>> wall-mountable display devices such as plasma or LCD panels.  We have
>> a 15'x20' space that we'd like to set up with a small AG
>> super-PIG/node for a user with poor eyesight.
>> I realize that this is a rather vague request, but any information
>> would be appreciated!
>> Thanks,
>> Mike
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