[AG-TECH] Scaling the multicast mountain - can't see the unicast bridges in AG3

Thad Sze tsze at deas.harvard.edu
Thu May 18 15:10:48 CDT 2006

Hello all,

	First, let me say how happy I was with the retreat.  It was great to  
meet everyone and get the grid up and running while I was there.

	I am now back on campus, and trying to replicate the setup that  
worked on my Powerbook on my G5.  Since we don't have multicast (I'm  
figuring out how to approach the various organizations that would be  
involved also), I'm trying to use unicast.

	However, the AG3 installed on my desktop has consistently reported  
today that no bridges are available.  I'm also getting the same  
message some of us were getting yesterday, connecting to  
vv3.mcs.anl.gov, that it was unable to connect, yet still seems to  
connect at least to navigate the rooms and do text chat.

	Here's the question.  How does the list of bridges become known to  
AG3?  Is there some transmission that I can pick up by scanning my  
network to see if it's making it to my machine?



Thaddeus Sze
Information Technology
Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University

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