[AG-TECH] After the Retreat

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Thu May 18 12:24:49 CDT 2006

	Hi all,

	I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed seeing everyone that that I 
was able to meet in person at the AG Retreat. Many of you have either 
returned or are in the process of getting back home. I'm very happy to 
be a part of such a great community.
	I know some of you I didn't get to say goodbye to before I left, so, my 
apologies for that. It was great meeting everyone and I hope a good time 
was had by all (from what I know it was).



Derek Piper - dcpiper at indiana.edu - (812) 856 0111
IRI 323, School of Informatics
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

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