[AG-TECH] VRVS or point-to-point

Chun-Yu CHAN cychan at hpc.unm.edu
Thu May 11 15:10:46 CDT 2006


I am trying to help a remote user to connect an AG meeting on Monday.  
The remote site does not have AGtk installed and he may not have 
administrator access to the machine.  But the user got VRVS machine.  I 
was playing with VRVS for the last hour or so.  I got the VRVS connected 
to a AG venue (Bridgeport).  But the RAT and VIC were not connected to 
the venue.  could someone give me some hint about using VRVS connect to AG?

After that, I successfully connected RAT to the AG with the VRVS's RAT 
[rat.exe milton.mcs.anl.gov/50098].  But I cannot find the IP and port 
information for the video display.  So my second question is that where 
can I find a list of unicast IP/port information for people to do 
point-to-point connection?


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