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gurcharan khanna gurcharan.s.khanna at dartmouth.edu
Tue May 9 23:41:43 CDT 2006


sorry for the delayed response, but i was running windows server 2003
on a dual processor single core opteron box (Sun Ultra40). it seemed
to run ok but i didn't try any capture boards with it, just USB cams.

however, something changed and things broke. i don't know why, but
i started getting the error: vic.exe wants to end the Runtime in an
unusual way. and vic wouldn't display incoming streams. also, i'm told
that there may be driver issues if i try to use the 64 bit version with
the nvidia networking, etc. components that come with the Sun configuration.

i wanted to run the server version for the same reasons you mention, so
i'd be interested in anyone else's comments you get on this topic.

i'm installing linux on this box right now but have two more just like it
so i want to settle on a single installation if possible for all three.



Michael Elmore wrote:
> Hello,
> Since I didn't get much of a response about ag software and server 2003, 
> I have another request.  Has anyone tried ag and insors software with 
> the configurations below:
> The central issues at this point are:
> compatibility of windows server 2003, AG node software and cards
> Are first choice of hardware will be a 4 CPU opteron machine, which
> will require us to use the server version of windows.
> The second choice is a 2 CPU/Dual core opteron machine, this *could*
> run XP or XP64, with XP64 being a little better, while XP being the
> safe bet.
> Both machines are about the same cost (within reason anyway), however
> the 4 CPU version will give us better video and processing ability
> because each CPU has it's own memory bus (great for multiple streams,
> threads, etc).
> Also,has anyone set up a node with these capture cards:
> Webcam corp  *WCSA400   *
> http://www.webcamsoft.com/en/wcsa400.html*
> *
> or 
> GeoVison gv-800 
> http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/product/GV-800.htm
> Thank you for your help.
> Mike

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