[AG-TECH] Information needed

Michael Elmore MWElmore at lbl.gov
Tue May 9 16:37:43 CDT 2006

Since I didn't get much of a response about ag software and server 2003, 
I have another request.  Has anyone tried ag and insors software with 
the configurations below:

The central issues at this point are:

compatibility of windows server 2003, AG node software and cards

Are first choice of hardware will be a 4 CPU opteron machine, which
will require us to use the server version of windows.

The second choice is a 2 CPU/Dual core opteron machine, this *could*
run XP or XP64, with XP64 being a little better, while XP being the
safe bet.

Both machines are about the same cost (within reason anyway), however
the 4 CPU version will give us better video and processing ability
because each CPU has it's own memory bus (great for multiple streams,
threads, etc).

Also,has anyone set up a node with these capture cards:
Webcam corp  *WCSA400   *

GeoVison gv-800 

Thank you for your help.


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