[AG-TECH] AG3 test

Gheni Abla abla at fusion.gat.com
Mon May 1 11:28:05 CDT 2006


I just downloaded AG3 (beta), and tried. It couldn't connect to 
default https://vv3.mcs.anl.gov:8000/Venues/default venue or any 
other venue.  Is the venue server down or is it a local problem? I 
have AG2.4 running on the same computer without any problem.



>Just planning on testing the AG3 beta on our production AG2.4 
>machines and wanted to make sure AG3
>and AG2.4 are able to co-exist on the same machine on OSX.  I know 
>they can on Windows and Linux
>(using the 2.4 compat rpms) - but haven't heard definitively on OSX.
>Anyone have any experience with this?

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