[AG-TECH] vic and rat encryption

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Wed Mar 29 09:59:34 CST 2006

	You may be better off using Rjindael encryption, which is normally used 
on AG Venues when setting the 'encryption' option in the venue server 
	A Rjindael key is passed to VIC and RAT as 'Rjindael/passphrase' where 
passphrase should be something random and unguessable, and distributed 
to those needing the key to enter manually. There's a program for Debian 
called 'pwgen' that I've used to generate a passphrase before. For 
manually entering the key, you would probably just disable the venue 
encryption and manually key it in. For a DES key, just use a passphrase 
that doesn't start with a string 'Rjindael/'.
	Of course you can also use certificates to secure a venue too, so not 
just anyone can enter and obtain the encryption key.


Jeremy Mann wrote:
> We would like to demonstrate encryption in April to some fellow
> colleagues. I set up a test room on our venue server with encryption.
> Encryption works fine, but whoever enters the venue gets the encryption
> key. I would like to "lock" down the room to whoever I give the key to,
> not whoever enters the room. Can this be done?
> Also, I know I can manually enter a key into vic and rat. Is there a
> program that I can run to get DES key? Or can I simply use a passphrase
> instead?
> Thanks!

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