[AG-TECH] help:what's about building a web-based venue client?

Brian Corrie bcorrie at sfu.ca
Wed Mar 15 12:13:09 CST 2006

Hi All,

One of the comments that we get from our Physics community is "why can't
it be more like VRVS". The simple web interface that everyone knows is
not a bad thing... If that worked on top of the AG 3.0 TK I think that
would be pretty cool. Not sure how to do it and/or how easy it would be,
but what I understand to be the more "pure" (not sure if that is the
right word) web services implementation of AG 3.0 should help.


Michael Daw wrote:
> I wouldn't dismiss this so harshly. AG1.x was pretty unsophisticated and Mingji's application would (of course) be based on AG2/3. I'd say six months full time could make good progress, and we'd be very interested to see the results.
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>> 	Sounds like you'd be redoing AccessGrid 1.x ... What is 
>> the merit in that?
>> 	Derek
>> 陈明基 wrote:
>>> Dear Sir,
>>> In order to make users use AG by web pages(IE),I want to 
>> change the VenueClientUI writen in wxPython to be writen by 
>> HTML elements. In this case,the user can also use AG's shared 
>> applications to collaborate with other partners ,or it can 
>> even use audio service and video servie. I will let all users 
>> come into the default venue. I only want to change the usage 
>> style of AG client for web users and the AG server is keeping 
>> its old style. This is my application scene. Do you think it 
>> is possible for this?  Is it difficult? or how much work 
>> should I do or what work I should do? or do your have any 
>> suggestions for this case? I have only half a year to do this 
>> , and I want to imlement it in java.
>>> Thanks,
>>> looking forward to your help!
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>>> Mingji Chen, Master Candidate
>>> The Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology, Ministry 
>> of Education, China
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