[AG-TECH] Clearone RAV600 or 900

Mike Daley Mike.W.Daley at cs.cardiff.ac.uk
Thu Mar 9 10:51:44 CST 2006

Many Thanks
I think we may well give them a try. Our room is medium size around 15' 
x 15'

Gary Refka wrote:

>We have used both the RAV600 and RAV900 with success. They perform very well
>using the two or three table top mics that come with the system.  They do a
>good job of picking up a medium to medium large sized conference room 20' x
>20'.  Another bonus is the built in amplifier to power Bose speakers.  A
>much simpler solution for a basic system with a greatly reduced number of
>connections or wiring needed.
>Good luck. 
>Gary A. Refka
>inSORS Support
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>We are looking at various audio solutions for a new AG suite.
>Has anyone used the Clearone RAV 600 or 900 solutions.?

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