[AG-TECH] Videocameras: vivotek

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Thu Mar 9 08:09:40 CST 2006

	Any real video camera will work for AccessGrid, it's the capture card 
that determines compatibility. The only difference may be light 
sensitivity, colour saturation and features like Pan-Tilt-Zoom, 
Autofocus, Autoexposure, remote control etc.


Fabrizio.Berdondini at prototipo.it wrote:
> Hello,
> we are searching for a camera suitable for our node. We are trying to 
> choose between a camera of the Sony EVI serie and the Vivotek PZ6114 (or 
> PZ6124 as well). We know for sure that the EVI ones are fully compatible 
> with AG and give good performances, but we know nothing about the 
> Vivotek, although after looking at their datasheets and manual they 
> seems to be of a quite good quality. Is there anyone of you who already 
> bought/tried this videocameras or anyway can tell more information about 
> their performances and compatibility with AG?
> Thank you very much, bye,
> Faber B.

Derek Piper - dcpiper at indiana.edu - (812) 856 0111
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