[AG-TECH] reverse multicast bridge?

gurcharan khanna gurcharan.s.khanna at dartmouth.edu
Fri Jun 30 10:10:47 CDT 2006


Should work. the unicast-multicast bridges appear to be symmetric so having
two bridges talk to each other shouldn't be a problem. Certainly very easy
to test.


Thad Sze wrote:
> I'm slowly making progress with the multicast issue.  It looks like I 
> can have multicast at the school turned on soon, but the peering with 
> the greater campus network will take some time.  Is it possible to have 
> a unicast connection to a bridge out on yonder internet and re-bridge 
> the traffic back to multicast once it's on our internal network, either 
> via the venue server or some other mechanism?
> Thanks,
> Thad
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