[AG-TECH] Is MatchMaker needed?

Bonnett, PG (Paul) P.G.Bonnett at rl.ac.uk
Wed Jun 28 05:01:47 CDT 2006

Yes you do need one.
The Clear one kit is all balanced signals, so you need to convert these
both to go in & out of the PC system and possibly if you use an
amplifier remotely without balanced inputs.
You can however 'cheat' sometimes and get away with acceptable results
(I do it in one of our rooms and no-one has noticed).
see section on Connecting Balanced...
However, as an audiophile who runs a balanced home Hi-Fi system, I
should be telling you not to do this; and I don't know how the different
loading affects the Clear One unit on a long term basis.


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Just wondering if we have XAP 400, do we still need to MatchMaker (such
as MM100) to do the signal balancing?
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