[AG-TECH] Injecting DVD or avi/mpeg4 videos into an AG session

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Wed Jun 28 01:12:18 CDT 2006

G'day all

I had a personal email asking how I inject a DVD or avi/mpeg4 videos
into an AG session.  I thought my reply might interest a few, so I
thought I would also send my reply to the AG mailing lists as well.

I have the ability to inject DVD/Multimedia streams into the Access Grid

*	Using an Audio/Video switcher which connects the inputs from a
PC, DVD and Document Camera.

*	The audio output from the AV switcher goes into the genter
(XAP400) as an input, which I then output to my speakers inside my AG
and output to the audio node of the AG, which then transmits to external

*	The video output I connect to the capture card within the Video
Capture Node, as I would any camera.

This allows me to inject AV from a PC, DVD or Document camera into the
AG as an optional stream.

The only caveat is that we are only using H261 at present, therefore the
video stream can be a bit ordinary. 

I hope this may be of some use to others.



Jason Bell, B.I.T.
B. Info. Tech. (Honours) Student

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Central Queensland University

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Central Queensland University

Research Assistant to the Nonlinear
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Faculty of Informatics & Communication
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