[AG-TECH] Rat MBUS funny

Bonnett, PG (Paul) P.G.Bonnett at rl.ac.uk
Tue Jun 20 03:01:34 CDT 2006

Nice idea. Do you mean untick the "show contents while dragging" in
display properties, or am I missing another setting?
Why should this kill RAT?
Surely this would affect the VIC windows far more?


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Have you tried setting your window manager to not use opaque windows
when moving?


Bonnett, PG (Paul) wrote:
> Stephen,
> We see this failure regularly as we have an over enthusiastic operator

> who drags the RAT across the screen too quickly and can easily create 
> this error.
> I'm glad someone else sees this - I sometimes feel we are the only 
> site with problems!
> Paul
> Rutherford Appleton Laboratories
> Oxon, UK
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> I spotted a funny behaviour with RAT on windows yesterday.
> If you pick up the RAT window with the mouse and waggle it back and 
> forth for 30 seconds or so you sometimes get a the ratmedia program 
> falling over with a "MBUS error" pop-up window.
> I managed to reproduce this with both AG3.0.1 on XP and AG2.4 on 
> Win-2000 in both cases I was in a venue with background music playing 
> so there was a lot of mbus traffic to update the level meters and both

> systems were dual CPU.
> These are a fairly contrived set of circumstances and  Ive never seen 
> this in a real meeting but it looks to me that the mbus code needs 
> tweaking a bit.
>  			Stephen
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