[AG-TECH] my test service is interrupted!

liying liying at vrlab.buaa.edu.cn
Mon Jun 19 07:07:34 CDT 2006

Douglas Kosovic wrote:

> Hi LiYing,
>>      i am using AGTk2.3 under FC3, and start up VenueClient with the 
>> parameter "--personalNode", and my test service starts up 
>> automaticly, but it terminated at the execution of  
>> glXCreateContext(), which is included in the test program. what to my 
>> surprise is that, when i direct start up the test program included in 
>> the test service separately, there is no problem.
> What is the error return value of glXCreateContext()?
> Doug
it is strange that it didn't return anything, but seems to only idle 
there, and didn't exit the execution.  the cursor is always flickering 
there on the terminal comamnd line.


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