[AG-TECH] AccessGrid and Grid computing

Natalia Costas natalia at cesga.es
Tue Jun 13 07:41:52 CDT 2006

Dear all,

I've read something about the future of the AG related to grid computing 
(I think this text was written when AG2 was first introduced, and it's 
advantages and future guidelines were given).

We are pretty sure about the interest of AG in education, but we do want 
to explore more aspects. Our main interest is grid computing, but we are 
interested in visualization and others as well.

What are the developments, or future guidelines about integration of 
Grid Computing and AG?. What about the current status (as far as I 
know... nothing else than a not complete globus toolkit).

Any information regarding these issues would be appreciated,
Kind regards,

Natalia Costas Lago
Técnico de Comunicaciones - Dpto. de Comunicaciones

Centro de Supercomputacion de Galicia (CESGA)
Avenida de Vigo, s/n (Campus Sur)
15705 Santiago de Compostela - SPAIN

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