[AG-TECH] AGDP shift to portal

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Fri Jun 9 07:28:07 CDT 2006


With the launch of the new accessgrid.org portal, the AGDP will shift much of its content to the portal, encourage our volunteer authors to develop content for this new site, and cease to operate as a separate entity. I hope that we can all work together to create excellent content for the new portal, in the same spirit in which we worked together on the AGDP.

I am extremely grateful for and proud of the work done over the past five years by the volunteers who created the AGDP, through their work as authors and reviewers. In particular, I would like to strongly thank Jim Miller, who has led the AGDP Review Team since its inception, and generally been my better and smarter half ever since the launch of the AGDP at the AG Retreat 2001. I would also like to extend special thanks to Tom Uram, Mike Papka, Rick Stevens, and their staff at Argonne National Laboratory -- the AGDP could not have existed without their support and collaboration. 

Since the AGDP documents are still a valuable resource, we plan to leave the site essentially intact for the time being; I will be adding notices about the fact that the project has been discontinued and is no longer being updated. Most of the documents on the site carry open-source licenses, therefore making anyone free to update them, modify them, and post on the portal or anywhere else they find appropriate, provided that the license/copyright policies of that site aren't in conflict. Some of these documents have already been added to the portal. (A prominent exception is the AG Training Project tutorials; these tutorials will remain available in their WebCT form, and I have linked to them from the new accessgrid.org portal; however, they are not licensed for free re-distribution.)

The AGDP has made a tremendous contribution to the AG community, serving as the primary source of documentation in the AG's early days, and a substantial supplement in the years after that. I hope you will join me in thanking all those who have made this project possible; a list of AGDP authors and current review team members is below. (I've tried to re-create the full list of authors, past and present -- my apologies to anyone I may have inadvertently omitted!) I also hope that all of you who are reading this message will ask yourselves whether you have some expertise that you would be willing to share through the new portal. Don't be shy! (To create a new page in the "documentation" section of the portal, simply choose "create content" from the left navigation bar, and select "create story." Then, be sure to select the "documentation" project on the subsequent form allowing you to create a new page on the portal, and the page you create will be listed in that category.)

Thank you for all your support and encouragement over the years; I look forward to continuing to work together on the AG, and developing content together for the new portal.



AGDP Review Team:

  * Jim Miller, inSORS Integrated Communications, Review Team Lead
  * Eric Damoise, University of Maine
  * Kendra Davitt, Ohio State University
  * Brett D. Ellis, University of Tennessee
  * Ivan Judson, Argonne National Laboratory
  * Samuel T. Liston, University of Utah
  * David McNabb, University of Maryland
  * Michael Miller, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
  * Don Morton, University of Montana
  * Julia Shiela Mullen, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  * Robert Olson, Argonne National Laboratory
  * Gary Refka, inSORS Integrated Communications Inc.
  * Monika Rabarison, Jackson State University
  * Jim Senechal, North Dakota State University
  * Cindy Sievers, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  * Thomas Uram, Argonne National Laboratory

AGDP Authors Past and Present:

  * Javier Gomez Alonso, The University of Manchester
  * Jason Bell, Central Queensland University
  * Ken Bishop, University of Kansas
  * Vaidyasubramanian C., University of Illinois at Chicago
  * Lisa Childers, Argonne National Laboratory (AG Training Project)
  * Mary Fritch, Argonne National Laboratory
  * Futures Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory
  * Eric Gauthier, Boston University
  * Vikram Gazula, University of Kentucky
  * Yuan (Eric) He, University of Kansas
  * Sandie Kappes, NCSA (AG Training Project)
  * Douglas Kosovic, University of Queensland 
  * John Langkals, Ohio State University
  * Brenda Lopez, University of Illinois at Chicago
  * David James McInteer, University of Kentucky
  * Michael Miller, NCSA
  * Atul Nayak, University of Illinois at Chicago
  * Robert Olson, Argonne National Laboratory
  * Joe Reitzer, TRECC (AG Training Project)
  * Cameron Rayner, Central Queensland University
  * Gary Refka, inSORS Integrated Communications Inc.
  * Shannon Schraegle, OSC (AG Training Project)
  * Cindy Sievers, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  * Leslie Southern, OSC (AG Training Project)
  * Allan Spale, University of Illinois at Chicago
  * Jennifer Teig von Hoffman, Boston University
  * Satish Vanimisetti, University of Kentucky
  * Mary Bea Walker, NCSA (AG Training Project)
  * Kun Wei, California Institute of Technology
  * Christoph Willing, University of Sydney

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