[AG-TECH] rat settings

Andrew Sharpe andrew.sharpe1 at jcu.edu.au
Fri Jun 2 20:50:50 CDT 2006

It's in AudioService.py

I've found that if I remove the '-f L16' from the arguments then rat 
starts up with the last settings it had when shutdown nicely (on linux 
at least).  Alternatively you can just change L16 to the codec you want 
so that it's forced to use that on each start.

HTH, Andrew

Rosario Lombardo wrote:

> Hi,
> I'd like to have rat always use the same codec (and loss protection) 
> settings every time it is started.
> I tried setting the registry keys, but unless the codec is linear16 
> (which is not apropriate for the clients i need the feature for), rat 
> transmits... something at 4kb or resets to linear16, and manual 
> configuration is required.
> If there is not any config file or registry key suitable for my needs, 
> should I edit the the .py files of the venue client? If yes which one?
> Thank you,
> \\Rosario
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