[AG-TECH] System options

Christoph Willing willing at itee.uq.edu.au
Tue Jan 31 17:26:17 CST 2006

On 01/02/2006, at 8:55 AM, Jeremy Mann wrote:

> Christoph Willing said:
>> On 01/02/2006, at 8:15 AM, Jeremy Mann wrote:
>> We have mostly Linux AG nodes in Australia and a large number (maybe
>> the majority now) use the IVC200 4x input card:
>> 	http://www.icp-australia.com.au/DataSheets/IVC200G.html
> How does it compare to the Spectra mentioned by Bob?

I haven't used the Spectra, so can't compare. The price of the  
Spectra (http://www.ituner.com/spectra.htm) looks to be quite a bit  
more expensive than the ICV200 (USD395 v AUD200) - perhaps thats a  
sign of technical superiority?

>> For the same reasons you mention above, we tend to have ours made to
>> order by local builders. We've had good success with Tyan
>> motherboards - the Tyan S2895 looks like it would be great for an AG
>> node (add 2x dualhead PCI-Extreme graphics cards = accelerated
>> graphics on all 4 outputs).
> Our portable node has a Tyan S2668 which offers us 5 PCI slots. And  
> even
> though I can build the system from scratch, when anything fails,  
> you have
> to dig out the receipt and RMA that piece. I'd rather just buy the  
> whole
> thing under warranty and let them figure it out.
> I'll check if there is a local company that can build it for us.
> Also, my boss wants a dual setup since our system is a dual Xeon. Last
> friday we hosted our largest meeting yet and the system was virtually
> idle.

The S2668 was a great board - we've had lots of systems built with  
them. The S2895 is a dual Opteron board. It has 3 PCI-X slots, but  
only a single 32bit PCI slot (the type needed for an IVC200).


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