[AG-TECH] System options

Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Tue Jan 31 16:55:24 CST 2006

Christoph Willing said:
> On 01/02/2006, at 8:15 AM, Jeremy Mann wrote:
> We have mostly Linux AG nodes in Australia and a large number (maybe
> the majority now) use the IVC200 4x input card:
> 	http://www.icp-australia.com.au/DataSheets/IVC200G.html

How does it compare to the Spectra mentioned by Bob?

> For the same reasons you mention above, we tend to have ours made to
> order by local builders. We've had good success with Tyan
> motherboards - the Tyan S2895 looks like it would be great for an AG
> node (add 2x dualhead PCI-Extreme graphics cards = accelerated
> graphics on all 4 outputs).

Our portable node has a Tyan S2668 which offers us 5 PCI slots. And even
though I can build the system from scratch, when anything fails, you have
to dig out the receipt and RMA that piece. I'd rather just buy the whole
thing under warranty and let them figure it out.

I'll check if there is a local company that can build it for us.

Also, my boss wants a dual setup since our system is a dual Xeon. Last
friday we hosted our largest meeting yet and the system was virtually

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