[AG-TECH] Access Grid 3.0 beta1 available !

Piers O'Hanlon p.ohanlon at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Mon Jan 30 12:21:02 CST 2006

Hi Mike (and others),

> We discussed doing this as part of the SUMOVER project workshop in
> November. This project is updating vic and rat at UCL, mainly for the
> AG community. I can't remember where it was on the priority list,
> though...

I guess there's a couple of issues here - There's port selection, and
there's firewall config.
- As mentioned by others the media port ranges are controlled by the AG
server's config - these can be taken down to narrower ranges. There's
shouldn't be too much of an issue with multicast venue address clashing
if the 233/8 GLOP addressing is used by the servers.

- Secondly the firewall interaction then depends on which platform AG
client is running on - For those lucky folk running WinXP-SP2 I
understand that AG will automatically configure the windows firewall to
let AG traffic pass (could possibly explain lack connectivity in one
previous email if things go wrong?). If you're not running Windows
Firewall then you're probably back to manual FW config. If you're
running Linux then you'll need to open some holes in your firewall
(iptables/ipchains etc) manually.

I should mention that most of this is out of scope of the media tools
themselves as UDP port selection isn't generally done by the tools
themselves. The one caveat is that vic does normally allow the OS to
choose the source port when it sends video packets, though this doesn't
usually matter if the firewall is appropriately configured. If needs be
we could add an option to enable source port selection, or 'symmetric'
ports usage.


> More information (though sparse!):
> http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/research/sumover/

It has been updated today with more info.


> Perhaps one of the team could enlighten us...?!
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>     It seems that most practical problems during implementation come
>     from firewall issues. Are you guys planning to (at least) narrow
>     the UDP port range for VIC and RAT, or maybe (in my dreams) tunnel
>     all audio/video traffic through a few number of ports that are
>     usually open? I have been networking with a lot of people who are
>     desperate to set up their nodes and they hit a brick wall every
>     time it comes to push changes through their IT departments, who
>     are freaking out about the idea of opening ports in such a wide
>     range. More and more people would like to use the system via PIGs
>     and not necessarily big institutional nodes that require weeks, if
>     not months of negotiations and arm-twisting each time a new client
>     is added at a new location. (The AG Connector would be really
>     helpful, except it causes an ominous looping drop of all
>     audio-video connections, as it has been reported before, and it is
>     very unreliable). Extra features in v3.0 are nice, but I truly
>     believe that the firewall/ports issue is the most significant
>     barrier to wider adoption of the Toolkit.
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